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Paula, I’ve often wondered why you place needles around my body rather than right where it hurts.  The other day I had a headache and you placed needles almost everywhere else BUT my head.  Yet, after the treatment my headache completely vanished.

 Why is that?


Another great question!

It has to do with the fact that the body is connected and communicates with itself via many routes or pathways.  Just as the blood, nerve, and lymphatic systems have their physical pathways,- the body also has energetic pathways that connect the front with the back, the upper part with the lower, and the inside (organs) with the outside (skin).  It does this through the channels, (energy pathways), also called meridians.  These channels interconnect, allowing the Qi (energy) to run in circuits throughout the body.  These energy circuits connect not only the regions of the body but the organs that govern those regions.

I use the points on the skin surface to actually help move the energy along the channel to unblock  Qi stagnation that is the cause of the pain.

So for example a headache might be energetically due to stomach problems, liver or gall bladder problems since the channels travel to that region of the head.  It is up to the acupuncturist to determine which one it is in order to treat the required channel that may ultimately affect the organ as well.  Certain points along the channel or certain combination of points can be more effective for specific conditions (like a headache).  Which is why the study of acupuncture is an intensive, fascinating  and scholarly endeavor!!!

And speaking of connecting the body, I would like to address how the MIND and body are also interconnected.  We hear the saying that “mind and body are one” and this is absolutely a fact.  So our thoughts, our feelings, our perception can influence our body and physical health, either negatively or positively.   Therefore, chronic stress, holding on to negative feelings such as worry, anger or fear or being generally pessimistic can ultimately affect the overall health of the body.

If nothing else, try to let go of emotional negativity before sleep by focusing on gratitude as an excellent way to begin the process of uniting mind and body.   I will talk more on this in a future blog.

If you have any questions regarding acupuncture or Chinese Medicine, please contact me and I will respond in the next newsletter!  I love questions!  Until then, wishing you ROBUST HEALTH.